President's Message

A successful person
is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks
that others throw at him or her.

~David Brinkley

The CANADIAN ITALIAN BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION (CIBPA) is an Association established right across Canada and presently celebrating its 50th Anniversary. CIBPA has been around since its inception in 1961. Although originally a men’s Organization, this gregarious Association gained further esteem when the men realized that women, who held leading and executive managerial roles, had an invaluable contribution to our business and professional Organization. In fact, with the outstanding accomplishments and prominent roles of women in the business world today it often appears that we men are simply shadows of our female entrepreneurs.

CIBPA Members engage in social and business networking where our goals are to promote the recreational, cultural, social, artistic, charitable, business and professional activity of Italian Canadians in the National Capital Region. CIBPA offers many opportunities including Scholarship Awards for young Italian-Canadian students affording them the opportunity to move our vision forward by opening their minds and encouraging them to challenge the existing state of affairs. We plan to continue our goal to raise $100,000 for our annual scholarships. Our involvement turns today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders and my goal is to make CIBPA—if not the best—then to continue to be one of the top leaders in our community in every respect. With the kind of students who meet the eligible criteria, we send them off with the message that “whatever their mind can conceive and believe, it can without a doubt achieve!”

Naturally we strive for persons of Italian descent to be part of our Organization, however, we encourage and welcome persons of other cultures who think and conduct business at our reputable level of standards and certainly those of whom we deal with and conduct business on a daily basis. I have always believed that those people who enjoy doing business with us Italians—and the numbers are remarkably high—will find that somewhere ‘way back in their family tree is some Italian blood. Why else would our relationship with them be so mutually satisfying? CIBPA—an Association that believes in unity—respects all situations, cultures and traditions.

CIBPA has also achieved outstanding accomplishments, like the much needed and successful Villa Marconi (the most ambitious project to date of the Italian community in Ottawa), which is responsible for the Villa’s receipt of its first generous contribution. We have high standing with the Chamber of Commerce and are proud of our yearly Golf Tournament—next one scheduled for June 15th, 2011 (last year sold out for the first time so remember to get your tickets early)—and of course, for those people who are not aware, we—when years ago known as Italian Carnevale—were the original blast-off to the Ottawa Winterlude. We also have sponsorship that plays a tremendous role in the success of CIBPA and of course ask our Members to promote them whenever the opportunity arises. We also donated Dante Park on Booth Street (across from St. Anthony’s Church) to the community where it is currently going through a face lift and we have donated to numerous local charitable organizations. As a National Organization we continue to influence all levels of government on the ongoing issues of the Italian Community and find solutions so that we can live better lives.

We will continue to explore ways in lobbying governments to help our community at large, including our business and professional members. We will also continue to be a driving force for the under-privileged in our City. My goal is to make CIBPA a leader in our Community with respect to sponsorship and donations. We will achieve this through our work with charitable organizations and the seeking of new ways to provide continued support.

I believe that, like CIBPA, when a person has the courage to begin, they have the courage to succeed and I send this message to all our Members. We realize our way of thinking is beyond the average person and business but it is this wondrous unparalleled difference that makes us effective and powerful today; it is indeed this commitment that will guide us with finesse and excellence into the future.

We also ask, and so heartily welcome, our Members’ suggestions for topics and special events with no limit to the magnitude of interest they might wish to share and explore. To satisfy those requests we have access to dynamic and engaging speakers who can fulfill your requests for an exceptional evening that is not only informative but presented in a highly entertaining and gratifying manner.

An evening with our speakers has always been rewarding. We will increase the dimension of topics to include everything and anything to assist in our professional and business lives, including people’s actual life experiences, effective and executive management and communication success skills, negotiating and entrepreneurial strategies and challenges, strategic marketing and mastering strategies for higher achievement, focusing your mind and attitude for achievement and whatever else a Member might query or express their interest.

We strive to promote individual accomplishments. CIBPA’s Members—and many of their acquaintances—have unshakable character to guide you into enjoying prosperous living. We encourage you to not let challenges stop you from living the exceptional life you want to live in every respect. We emphasize that when you have a focused mind, you have a powerful mind!

Our event attendance continues to grow. It’s a sure sign of the great participation and interest that is received from the Community and beyond.

In wrapping up the President’s Message I want to say that CIBPA of course mainly represents a focus on business and professionals therefore it is a time to forget mistakes and failures of the past but use that knowledge to learn because “we cannot change decisions made in the past, but we can make decisions to change the future.” Forget everything except what you're going to do today, tomorrow and in your future!

All my best,
Gino A. Milito
CIBPA Ottawa

Accept not…Mediocrity…Find Success!


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